cherishing the ones we love

I came across a blog today called The Rural Socialite (it's lovely check it out) there I read a post about a woman named Kelle Hampton... talented photographer and wonderful mother. I was moved to tears as I read her wonderfully candid, graceful and moving account of welcoming her new daughter, Nella, who has Down's Syndrome. It's a lesson in humility considering all of the silly things most of us worry about. The story of Nella.  xoxo
more on kelle here


  1. You are so right Erica....it makes you stop and think how lucky we are and also what is important in life. How beautiful is this picture. Thank-you.

  2. Anonymous3/27/2010

    What an absolutely beautiful baby. :)

  3. OMG This is sooo cute!! Happy Weekend!

  4. What a great story and beautiful baby!


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