scotch and soda (maison scotch)

Do you know it? I didn't. I came across this line at Holt Renfrew in the fall and bought this top,
and then went back later and got this one...
I should also mention that each item comes with a different darling vintage looking necklace.
Last week I discovered the Scotch and Soda flagship store in Chinook mall. I kinda loathe the mall but I was delighted. I popped by last night and scooped a bunch of sweet boxing week deals! 30% off the
already marked down prices. YAY!

(got these in a heathered black)
What do you think? Are you a fan?



  1. Jocelyn1/05/2012

    Love this line. Thanks for sharing it with us. Looking online. How do their clothes in size wise? Thanks.

  2. Hey Jocelyn, sorry for the delay. I've found their clothes to be a true to size fit. Hope this helps! They ship quick too! :)


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