food for thought

The most luxe way to pamper ourselves is to monitor the nutrition of the things we consume and to be intelligent and inform ourselves about what we're eating...
However, we feel the opposite, that indulgence is just that, indulgence in the things we consider 'bad'. Sometimes it is, in moderation of course.
Just a thought though; from someone who's been vegetarian for years, what would happen if we all gave a little more consideration to the things we eat? (I say this because I love you!)
Some things to investigate if you think you might like to do something very luxe for your body:


  1. thanks so much for you comment!!! i just skimmed through your blog and am already loving it:) i just watched food inc, and really want the alicia silverstone book after seeing her on oprah talking about it. i went vegan for a month a while ago and gave up, but now i'm back to being vegetarian. food inc was a BIG wake up call. wish i could take back the all the years that i ate all that junk!

  2. I need to see this movie still~ I love your food for thought above, it's all so very true. Thank you for your comment today - it's comforting hearing others perspectives and views. That's wonderful your kids are on board! That's huge!

    hugs! Noel

  3. Just recently watched FOOD INC...makes me want to banish McDonalds FOREVER! Great movie to kick start a healthier diet!


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